Mongoose :: Old Friend

Sun Collective : Tides

Dave Keenan :: Cobwebs

Liam O’Connor :: Easter Snow

Lisa Hannigan :: Anahorish (Live in Vicar Street)

Sonnets And Sisters In A Loud Bar

This Ain’t No Disco :: Episode II

Stephen James Smith :: My Ireland

I Have A Tribe :: After We Meet

This Ain’t No Disco :: Episode I

Lisa Hannigan :: Snow

Nocturnes :: Serpents

Lisa O’Neill :: Nasty Man

Rhob Cunningham :: The Early Stage

I Have A Tribe :: Cuckoo : Live In Berlin

Rue :: Katie Cruel

Lisa Hannigan :: Lo

Clang Sayne :: Mocking Moon

Clang Sayne :: Blackbird

I Have A Tribe :: Battle Hardened Passivist

Rachel Sermanni :: Freebird Records

I Have A Tribe :: Buddy Holly

Booka Brass Band On A Street

Per Tenebras :: Never Raise Your Eyes

Anna Mieke Bishop On A Rooftop

Marc O’Reilly :: Live In Coughlans

Glen Hansard :: Wedding Ring

Glen Hansard :: Her Mercy (Official)

Ollie Cole :: Magnolia (Fet. Glen Hansard)

Ye Vagabonds :: Lowlands Of Holland

Ye Vagabonds :: Barbara Ellen

Glen Hansard :: Little Ruin :: North Great Georges Street

Glen Hansard :: McCormack’s Wall