Folk/Songwriter Live Acoustic Performance

Anna Mieke :: Warped Window

Anna Mieke sings her song Warped Window live from a dockyard in Dublin.

From her debut album ‘Idle Mind’ :

Filmed and edited by Myles O’Reilly.
Sound recorded and mixed by Cian Hamilton, mastered by Brían Mac Gloinn.
Anna Mieke – Vocals and guitar
Brían Mac Gloinn – Harmonium and vocals
Ryan Hargadon – Saxophone
Matthew Jacobson – Drums

2 comments on “Anna Mieke :: Warped Window

  1. Thomas Ryan

    Thank you for this performance, very evocative.

  2. Angela Greene

    Thank you. This is lovely. Would normally have wandered off down to rough trade in notting hill to see if they have a copy. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. But they will order stuff for you sp hopefully all will be well.
    Thanks for the videos.

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