Documentary Short Film Folk/Songwriter Live Acoustic Performance

Clonakilty Samhain Parade [feat. Kíla]

The ancient festival of Samhain, corresponding to modern day Halloween, was one of the most important events on the Celtic calendar. It was the transition into the darker, colder months of the year and for a brief moment, a time when it was believed that the dead and beings of other worlds would walk amongst the living.
Samhain has a unique cultural significance in Ireland, but over the years has waned in importance, giving over to the mass appeal and commercialism of Halloween.

Geata Arts aims to reinvigorate this tradition and remind people of the deeper significance of this time of the year by organising a Samhain festival in Clonakilty town with a multitude of events for members of the public of all ages to experience and partake.

Opening music from
Soundtrack music ‘The New World’ composed by Ian Hawgood and Aaron Martin.

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