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Body and Soul festival at Home. Live Stream 20/06/2020

Sunday’s ‘Soul Sessions’ was streamed live online in the last week of Ireland’s Covid19 lockdown. In place of the Body and Soul music festival at Ballinlough Castle which had happened for 1o years running, the ‘Soul Sesssions’ offered the perfect wind-down to a solstice weekend. Yoga. Meditation. Ritual. Aerial performance and live music. Spoken word. Artists feature Junior Brother, Natalya O’Flaherty, Stephen James Smith, Niamh Bury and John Francis Flynn.

“In this new era of digital events, we’re aiming to challenge the idea that festivals must be lived around a screen and invites the festival community to use the sounds of Body&Soul alumni to inform the experience while thriving in real life with closest pals.”

1 comment on “Body and Soul festival at Home. Live Stream 20/06/2020

  1. Comforting, inspiring and welcome. Thank you

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