Folk/Songwriter Live Acoustic Performance

Niamh Bury :: Lovely Adam

Niamh Bury

Let me introduce Niamh Bury.

Last year I took a journey by boat to the Irish island of Arranmore, to attend an unaccompanied singing festival organised by the Mac Gloinn family (Ye Vagabonds & Fam) called Féile Róise Rua. There were so many great singers, and I have lots of footage to show for most of them but the biggest surprise was a woman by the name of Niamh Bury. I’m not even sure she was there officially. It was night, and a day of events had ended. A few of us were hanging outside Neily’s pub, pints in hand. Neily’s is right on the pier, so it’s beautiful all together. We sat on a wall, sea air, pints, friendly people everywhere, all sharing one thing in common, a love for songs and singing (and pints). As was happening all weekend, a member of our group broke out in to song, it was Naimh. 3 minutes later I was totally mesmerised, so we convinced her…. [Read full story on

Huge thanks to my patrons for giving me an opportunity to collaborate in this way with an artist who deserves all the support she can get. So very grateful for your help as always, and proud of you all for keeping that connection with music so strong in your hearts.

Thank you.

Niamh has an EP is here…

Special thanks to my patrons

Lisa Jackson

Cindy Reich

Michael Kennefick

Judy L.Fritz

Jamie Crotty

Brian Flood

Sharon Moroneu

Peter GW Sumadh

Ren Nickson

Anthony at Anaolog Records

Steve Wickham

Landy Manderson

Conor Quirke

Lorraine Kennedy

Colin Louth

Brían Mac Gloinn

Kerry Yates

Chris Spring

Brad Hurley

X Myles

4 comments on “Niamh Bury :: Lovely Adam

  1. Mortti Marjamäki

    Niamh Bury has marvellous voice and very gentle style to play the guitar. Thanks, Myles, for these videos, that you provide. Great work!

  2. Hola, Myles, espero que puedas traducir estas breves líneas…
    Qué cantante maravillosa Niamh Bury y, como siempre, qué delicia tus videos…
    Preciosas imágenes dignas de tan bella música…
    Desde Buenos Aires, Argentina, te mando un muy agradecido abrazo,

  3. Christina

    These films are so refreshing. restorative. thank you

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