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Kú Kilian :: Jock Geddes

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The great Lisa O’Neill invited my wife Aideen and I to a music session in Walsh’s of Stoneybatter one evening in 2018. It was a Sunday. That year Lisa and Radie Peat would often pick a Sunday when they were both off to strike up a few tunes in the company of friends. That’s where to the best of my recollection I first heard Kú Kilian (Kilian O’Flanagan]. A young fella with a voice that sounds at least 50 years older than he looks. The last time I heard Kilian play was before lockdown, where he single handedly stole the chatter from every corner, nook and snug of Walsh’s on a busy Monday night with this song. Sometimes a whole pub will stop what they’re doing to listen because they don’t recognise the song. It’s a common occurrence in a bar where you can be sure every customer has a few tunes of their own under the belt. A fresh song might well spark a new love affair. A bolt of passion from the blue of a new tune, a honeymoon. Rivalled only by a shot of that Whiskey which only comes down from the top shelf if you’re good, and listen (Can you tell I’m missing pubs?

1 comment on “Kú Kilian :: Jock Geddes

  1. Angela Greene

    Never quite sure if the film enhances the song or the song enhances the film. Either way so lovely to watch.

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