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Varo :: Doffing Mistress

What a glorious thing, to find music online that’s make me happy, then afford the time to actually plant myself in the same room as where the music is being made. Once a month. Routinely exercising my music brain, immersed in such raw expression. Thank you for that Patrons. Every time I come to release something here I grow more and more fond of your loyalty and generosity, and I’m always little more in awe of the freedom my Patreon presents. 

This month I’ve been reading so many great reviews for the debut album from Varo that I had to catch them on film. I’ve been aware of their powers for a while but now seemed like the perfect time to capture a tune and help bring awareness to their valiant efforts. 

Siobhan Long from The Irish Times gave them a four star review and writes:

The delicious austerity of the baroque intertwined with an immersion in the current Dublin traditional and folk music scene underscore this fine debut from fiddle and harmony vocal duo, Varo.Lucie Azconaga and Consuelo Nerea Breschi bring a diverse history to their debut. Azconaga draws on jazz, classical and folk music of her native France, while Breschi’s Italian roots belie a long-standing connection with Irish trad, folk and world music.Brevity is unquestionably the soul of this duo’s musical wit. Clocking in at just under 36 minutes, with 10 tracks, Varo have distilled a rake of great ideas during the making of their debut.Both play fiddle with a taste for bare-boned, spartan arrangements that suit their tune choices perfectly, epitomised by the gorgeous closing tune set, The rakes of Clonmel/I ne’er shall wean her.Their use of fiddles alongside harmonium and bouzouki (from Frank Tate) on the reel, Considine’s Grove and the slow burn of their own composition, Ben Hall’s wake, with just fiddles, harmonium and wraithlike vocals carry faint echoes of Lankum, in that Varo have mastered the art of subtle layering of tunes until they find their own peak.Helen Diamond lends beautiful guest vocals, and June Tabor’s and Anne Briggs’ back catalogue are mined for tales told from a woman’s perspective, upending convention and letting the music speak for itself. These are Varo’s defining features: and they wear them 

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