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Inni-K :: What’s In The Bag Love?

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Taken from Inni-K’s 2019 album ‘The Hare & the Line’:

On her sophomore LP, The Hare and the Line, Inni-K emerges, four years after making her debut, with greater depth to her music. Here, the Dublin-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Eithne Ní Chatháin sounds revitalised on this resplendent indie-folk offering.
There’s an engrossing duality to this record. Melodically, Inni-K confidently shifts between sparse (What’s In The Bag Love) and sprawling (Ón Radharc Is Sia) arrangements. The most arresting aspect of Ní Chartáin’s artistry, however, is her inclusion of the Irish language. Póirste Béil cohesively ties the various tempos and tones sprinkled across the 10 tracks into one enthralling and menacing composition. It’s one that will incur countless repeat plays.

While it takes time to settle into the rhythm of the record, a significant improvement is heralded by Just After; where Ní Chatháin’s aptitude for articulating the preparation of grief is particularly moving. “I stood outside your room, while the nurses did what they do”, she sings over a spacious soundscape surrounded by ethereal synths. It indicates promise in her evolution as a lyricist.
Overall, the dexterity displayed on The Hare and the Line shows an artist evolving, both musically and lyrically.

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