I’m very proud to have collaborated with the inimitable Scottish folk singer and songwriter James Yorkston for this month’s film.

It was ten years ago that I filmed my first tour documentary, and that was with James. I was hired to be his driver on a small tour of Ireland, because I had a big car, and could fit him, Adrian Crowley, Alasdair Roberts and all their gear. At the time there was no mention of me filming but I had the camera, and the more they were comfortable with me pointing it, the more of that I did.

I hadn’t met James but I was already a huge fan of his records. “I wish I hadn’t heard your music before I started driving you around Ireland” I remember saying to him over a drem of Scotch whiskey after a gig in the Roisin Dubh in Galway. “Why is that?” he replied, looking puzzled. “Well, because now I’m always intimidated around you, because you’re…. brilliant… like” I answered. With that he smiled, thanked me, and orderred us another Whiskey. He is feckin brilliant. The man lives, breathes and thinks music. His iPod was brimming with new discoveries. Magestical noises. It felt like being in the constant company of a musical Shaman. That’s exactly what he is. Someone who knows the extra ordinary grounding power of a song, a melody. I learned a lot that week, even more so by filming everything. Making visual notes. I guess that’s what this filmmaking journey has been for me so far. An obsession with learning. The thrill of discovery. Stepping in to the world of masters, and hearing music through their ears. 

So back in January just before the war, we toured once more, around a few small towns and intimate venues. A ten year anniversary of sorts. I promised I’d make a tour film like before, with clips of different songs from each night… but what happened here is quite unlike what either of us expected. Recently ocked down again, and with lots of time to imagine, this creation was born. James narrates a strory, one song provides the backdrop and Ireland sits centre stage. 

Hope you enjoy, and thank you for helping bring this to fruition. Thank you James, for letting me wander off the beaten track like this. It’s not exactly what we thought it would be, or what your label might expect… and thanks to you my patron(s), in that this document was allowed to take shape purely by instruction of the heart.  

XX Myles

Do visit http://www.jamesyorkston.co.uk  to find out more about James, and his incredible body of work. 
His new album James Yorkston and The Second Hand Orchestra – The Wide, Wide River, will be out Jan 21st 2021 on Domino Records.  

Words written by James Yorkston. 
Guest voice Kalyna Rakel. 
Ambient soundtrack [Indistinct Chatter]James Yorkston

2 comments on “A Touring Tale Of Ireland

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  2. lolhardiman

    This is really beautiful. A perfect piece of visual and aural poetry. Wonderful work!

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