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Lisa Hannigan :: Tour Diary :: The Netherlands

A short film shot and edited by Myles O’Reilly following Lisa Hannigan and her band on a tour of The Netherlands in June 2012.

For months, along with many other dedicated online fans, I’ve been following Team Hannigan’s touring adventures via social media, imagining how much fun it must be sharing a bus with eight lads around some of the most beautiful places in the USA and Europe. Then on the 1st of June I packed my Canon 600D in to a small bag with a variety of lenses, toothpaste, socks and jocks, and flew out of Dublin airport with Lisa Hannigan and her band of merry men, on a small tour of The Netherlands. The film features Lisa and her music but also brings to focus the characters that surround her, the touring family of talented squires, Brendan the driver, Scott Halliday (Tech), Adrian Bourke (Sound), Una Molly (Tour Manager), Rhob Cunningham (support artist) and the exquisitely dressed force of nature that is her band of ‘Lads’, Donagh Molloy (Trumpet) Ross Turner (Drums) Shane Fitzsimons (Bass) John Smith (Guitars) and the unstoppable (quite literally) multi-instruMENTALIST Gavin Glass.

I’m happy to answer any questions regards the film in the comments below..


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25 comments on “Lisa Hannigan :: Tour Diary :: The Netherlands

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  2. Great stuff Myles. Another cracker of a film. One question: when shooting this on-fly-live performance stuff with a DSLR as I think you do, how do you handle the live sound for best capture? Do you have a sound man with you, or are you doing it all yourself?

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Mark! Thankfully a lot of the artists have sound engineers they work with all the time who enjoy capturing the audio for me. When I have to do it myself I have a h4n Zoom recorder which I position on a mic stand infront of the house PA. It’s a neat little thing which fits well with my kit which I’ll always have for back-up., appreciate you asking and thanks for your eyes and ears!

      • Thanks Myles. Appreciate the tips! I’m thinking of going DSLR, moving on from my old Panasonic DVX and HVX. I want to capture more of that dreamy film look that you do so well. Any advice on what to buy? Camera? Lenses? I know, how long is a piece of string! Thx again.

      • The world of HD SLR’s is getting radically more affordable every day. The important thing is to be able to shoot HD with good lenses. Any HD SLR that has the capability to attach almost any lens (I use the Canon 600D) which will give you a variety of options. My soft focus look is due to using very ‘fast’ lenses. F1.2 and F1.4 Nikon, Tokina & Canon lenses, whatever lenses you attach all you have to do is make sure they are F1.2 and F1.4 if you like mega soft-focus like me.

        • Mark McDevitt

          Thanks Myles. You’re a gentleman and a scholar. And a damn good cameraman!

          Mark McD.

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  4. i do really love ireland now with all of its beautiful landscapes and nature scenes, and it’s because of you and lisa. really love to watch your documentations. thanks for sharing, myles 🙂
    greetings from indonesia! 😀

  5. enjoyed that, and shared the link. : ) Thank you.

  6. It looks really great! Nice shots, and good footage. Which camera are you using? And if it’s a DSLR, wich lens?

  7. George Moser

    Thanks Myles – wonderful, watching this made me happy. Just saw Lisa in Chicago without all of the lads. These people seem to truly enjoy each other. Please continue to also follow Lisa O’Neil- I have watched the Three Babies video so many times.

    • Ditto, George.
      You can find some seriously good musicians on this here website. I’ve listened to a lot of music in my time and I know what I like…..
      All the usual suspects, Joni, CSNY, Motown, Soul,- atlantic, bob marley, Abba, Paul Carrack, Miles Davis, Junior Washington, Dubliners, to name but a few.. but I’m still finding more…and the young ones are Laura Marling, the Staves, Michael Kiwanuka, the Strypes, James V. Mcmorrow, Low Anthem,,,,,,,
      Wish I knew Jools Holland personally.
      The three babies video makes me cry every time. Where is Lisa O Neill? I have her first album., Looking forward to the next.

      • Thanks for the compliments Angela. I’d like to think my taste in music is represented here in full and it’s great to see I share that taste with others. If all this music was a type of culinary experience, I’d like to think that with all it’s variety and quality, this site might be equal to the culinary experience and reputation of a whole country perhaps. What’ll I have tonight? Italian, Chinese, Arabic or Arbutus Yarns? 😉

        I’m keeping a good eye on young Lisa O’Neill. She’s fallen in with the right crowd of manager and label now. At the moment nobody see’s her, apart from my girlfriend Aideen who teaches her Pilates. She’s locked inside a cute terraced cottage in the center of Dublin, writing a tremendous amount of new music which will form her potentially International sophomore album.

        She’ll appear here again soon!


  8. So sweet.
    Has Rhob Cunningham got another record out in the near future? He has such a lovely voice. And songs.
    Listened to his last record (bought from Tower records in Dublin) all the way from Holyhead to London in September 2010. Saw him supporting James V. Mcmorrow 2011 at QEH.
    Listening to it again ,today, in the car…. how come he’s not more famous. Jeez. I don’t understand how all this stuff works.

  9. Beautifully shot and edited! I saw more of your work and I just love your cinematography style. Keep up the good work! Thanks so much for this.

  10. fly on the wall excellence in 17 minutes. Genuinely felt I was there, makes me want to gig now! 😀

  11. fab footage!…

  12. Very nice, Miles. I’ve loved everything I’ve seen of you, and the almost 18 minutes (thank you!) of this film is no exception.

    I only miss footage from the concert in Amsterdam. I was looking for it because that’s the one I attended.

    Oh well. Keep up the good work! It’s very much appreciated 🙂

  13. haha, any minute :D. i was literally sitting here, refreshing the page every 5 seconds to find out it’s gonna be up in a few HOURS 🙂 so thanks for letting us know! I’ll just keep watching the amazing trailer over and over again in the meantime 🙂

  14. I can hardly wait!

  15. Lovely as always 🙂

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