In July 2011 I joined Lisa and her full band in Baltimore, West Cork to film a live show in Gleebe Gardens and invent several pop-up shows around the area. We shot live songs from Sherkin Island, from a boat in the middle of Baltimore Bay, from inside the Jolly Rodger Pub and we recorded a full set from a beach in Baltimore town including this version of ‘Home’ , shot in perfect twilight.

7 comments on “Lisa Hannigan :: Home

  1. Michael Roseman

    As beautiful as the album version is, this version of “Home” is even more compelling. It has a rough and ready quality that cuts to the bone and suits the song perfectly. The audio and video match each other in emotion, and as the light fades, Lisa’s voice evokes what I imagine she must have felt when she first wrote this song. It raised goosebumps on the back of my neck. And I can almost smell the wood smoke.

  2. What are the chances of being able to buy this version at some point? It’s brilliant!

  3. Milonne

    Is there any possibility that I will be able to watch this in the United States soon? 🙂

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