A short film shot and edited by Myles O’Reilly following Lisa Hannigan and her band on a tour of The Netherlands in June 2012.

For months, along with many other dedicated online fans, I’ve been following Team Hannigan’s touring adventures via social media, imagining how much fun it must be sharing a bus with eight lads around some of the most beautiful places in the USA and Europe. Then on the 1st of June I packed my Canon 600D in to a small bag with a variety of lenses, toothpaste, socks and jocks, and flew out of Dublin airport with Lisa Hannigan and her band of merry men, on a small tour of The Netherlands. The film features Lisa and her music but also brings to focus the characters that surround her, the touring family of talented squires, Brendan the driver, Scott Halliday (Tech), Adrian Bourke (Sound), Una Molly (Tour Manager), Rhob Cunningham (support artist) and the exquisitely dressed force of nature that is her band of ‘Lads’, Donagh Molloy (Trumpet) Ross Turner (Drums) Shane Fitzsimons (Bass) John Smith (Guitars) and the unstoppable (quite literally) multi-instruMENTALIST Gavin Glass.

I’m happy to answer any questions regards the film in the comments below..


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