Documentary Short Film Folk/Songwriter Live Acoustic Performance

All The Ways You Wander :: John Spillane [Feat. Des Dillon]

This is a real treat. I managed to escape the pale to visit the extraordinary medieval town of Clonmel for this next musical yarn, and a yarn it truly is. There I met with the legend @johnspillanemusic and a very humble and inspiring puppeteer by the name of Des Dillon. The beautiful characters which Des brings to life in this video are just the right amount of joy to serve as an affective antidote to all the noise out there. Enjoy (There may be tears). Your likes and shares mean a hell of a lot to me. They really do help beat the algorithms and get this post get out there. Thank you. So grateful for my patrons over on for making this film possible. If you have enjoyed my films before, please consider helping me to help musicians be represented in this way, once a month. Sign up for the price of a bag of Tayto and I’l send you one musical journey per month, and gain access to my full catalogue. If you love music I promise you’ll never regret it. If you can’t sign up for whatever reason that’s absolutely grand sure, the films will always be published here eventually, and your likes and shares are hugely appreciated. Thank you Patrons! Lisa Jackson Cindy Reich Michael Kennefick Judy L.Fritz Jamie Crotty Brian Flood Sharon Moroneu Peter GW Sumadh Ren Nickson Anthony at Anaolog Records Steve Wickham Landy Manderson Conor Quirke Lorraine Kennedy Colin Louth Brían Mac Gloinn Kerry Yates Chris Spring Brad Hurley

7 comments on “All The Ways You Wander :: John Spillane [Feat. Des Dillon]

  1. Manuel Gago Fornells

    Magnificos abrazos desde el sur de España

  2. Gorgeous song and film, thanks


    What a peaceful antidote to the stresses of the day. Beautiful in every way from the music and song to the choreography of the puppeteer. I enjoyed the puppets and the way the man puppet resembled the puppeteer. The creativity of the fish changed mermaid….splendid. thank you.

  4. Eddie Brophy

    Fantastic little film…Joyous!

  5. It brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it

  6. It’s beautiful. The stuff of Life. Thankyou 🙂

  7. There were tears!!

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