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Sister India [Trailer]

Sister Loretto left her birthplace Ireland over seventy years ago to become a teacher in Chennai, India. She has chosen to live out the rest of her years in India as the last Irish Nun in Chennai out of 131, never to return home. This is her story in her own words.

“India once nearly killed me, so I was lucky to be asked back there to make another film. It was a golden opportunity to ask India some big questions. I’m not very religious but I was invited to follow this beautiful woman Sister Loreto Houlihan, and found her deep love of India and it’s people, absolutely heart warming and deeply resonant. Sitting in front of her and listening to her talk, was like being warmed by the hearth of an Irish fireplace on a rainy day, hearing stories as she put it, from ‘the long ago’. I learned from her, that India and it’s culture retains more of the life she left seventy years ago in Ireland, than the country of her birth today, and so she chooses to live the rest of her days in India, for that natural familiarity.” – Myles O’Reilly

7 comments on “Sister India [Trailer]

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  2. My sisters and I were students of Sr Loreto at St Joseph’s Presentation Convent, Madras many years ago. We now live in Australia. Sr Loreto is a true example of Christ’s love for humanity ! She is one beautiful human being ! Compliments to Myles O’Reilly on the making of this trailer! However, we would love to see the full film! How can we get to view it? Is there a DVD that we can purchase and from where? Or can you please send us the link to the full film? Many Thanks!

  3. Sr. Rosamma

    i am so delighted to know that a film is made based on the life of Sr. Loreto. Yes she deserves to be known better through the media .
    She has been and is an inspiration to me as a presentation sister from india . Her ever welcoming smile with such grace and blessings attracts and consoles anyone who meets her . May Sr. Loreto be a rock of strength to many more people . Congrats to Mylles O’railly.

    Sr. Rosamma

  4. I was born in madras in 1944 the year sister arrived and as a child studied in the same convent she taught at
    I have met her on my visits back she is /was a lovely lady most charming and provided the best tea and biscuits and conversation meeting her was always my pleasure god bless her she was beautiful

  5. Looking forward to seeing the film

  6. Would love to see this movie….

  7. quentin adams

    What a beautiful film of a beautiful lady.

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