Folk/Songwriter Live Acoustic Performance

Sonnets And Sisters In A Loud Bar

I walked past this band sound checking at a Beatvyne event in Dublin recently and absolutely fucking loved their vibes. A few of us were there to film another act but I had time to shine a lens this way. Glad I did.  – Myles  

Sonnets and Sisters are a folk pop four piece band from Ireland. Their material consists of a mixture of self penned songs as well as a selection of quirky and fresh covers. The band’s name, ‘Sonnets and Sisters’, reflects the dreamy lyrics present in their original compositions while also attempting to encapsulate the family type bond which exists between the members. Their music is hallmarked by haunting harmonies intertwined with powerful and catchy chorus lines which sweep the audience along in a sea of airy optimism. 

1 comment on “Sonnets And Sisters In A Loud Bar

  1. This is such good music. Thanks.

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