Episode II. Live music, visuals, discussion and collaboration are the cornerstones of This Ain’t No Disco, a new Irish alternative music program hosted by DJ and visual artist Donal Dineen.

The shows creators, musicians and crew worked voluntarily to bring you this episode. All we need to keep going is your support. Please share on your socials to help spread the word and keep This Ain’t No Disco on our screens.

This episode’s collaboration between Conor O’Brien (Villagers) and composer Nico Muhly takes place in New York and was made possible with flights subsidised by the kind people at St. Patrick’s Festival Ireland Thank you for your belief, your patronage and patience.

3 comments on “This Ain’t No Disco :: Episode II

  1. Wow talk about food for your soul . Outstanding piece of creativity and art . Well done to all involved

  2. Wow, Half Blind by Ye Vagabonds, great stuff lads.

  3. A gentle feast for the senses. Thankyou always for your Art. And your generosity. Hauntingly beautiful. A magnificent project. Thankyou.

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