Folk/Songwriter Live Acoustic Performance

Ye Vagabonds :: Lowlands Of Holland

Ye Vagabonds perform Lowlands Of Holland while touring Europe as support act for Glen Hansard. Featuring excerpts of footage taken from the short film ‘All On Board The Good Ship Hansard’.

Buoyed by the success of their debut EP Rose & Briar in 2015, and continuing support from respected musicians like Lisa Hannigan, Roy Harper and Glen Hansard; brothers Brían and Diarmuid Mac Gloinn, who form Ye Vagabonds, have released their highly anticipated debut album, on their own label: Inglenook Records.

Expect harmony rich folk music, influenced by Irish traditional music, Appalachian singing, and the 1960’s folk revival. Ye Vagabonds’ album is comprised of ten mellow tracks weaved with thoughtful lyrics, thickly layered with strings and droning harmonium.

The album was recorded by Nick Rayner between The Meadow recording studios in Wicklow, and Rayner’s studio in West Cork.

Irish Times Review: The brothers Mac Gloinn, Diarmuid and Brían have been making waves since their 2015 debut EP, Rose & Briar. Their debut album has been much anticipated, in light of the pair’s intriguing capacity to meld Irish and English folk influences with a raw Appalachian-coloured sound, all the while managing to create an identity that’s utterly original.
What’s remarkable about this collection is the richness of their original repertoire: songs written with a lyrical density and a contradictory melodic lightness of being that render them timeless. Joined by Alain McFadden on vocals harmonium and mandolin, and Nicholas Cooper on strings, Ye Vagabonds at times conjure comparison with the wide open desert vistas of Beirut, and at others, the intimate whispering of Sam Amidon: and just about as confident a full length debut as anyone could imagine.

2 comments on “Ye Vagabonds :: Lowlands Of Holland

  1. Really appreciate the work of Myles O’reilly and all these amazing artist! Thank you from Salt Lake City, UT

  2. I want to say something profound. But I can’t find the words so I’ll just say – beautiful.

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