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The Frames Live At Whelans :: Chapter III

5 comments on “The Frames Live At Whelans :: Chapter III

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  2. Stellar as per usual!

  3. Finaly it’s online!
    Thanks your so much for sharing this great moments!

    From Russia with love

  4. fabio giobbe

    3 is the magic number !!! Great work here, THANK YOU !!!

  5. More great work, Myles. I miss the Frames from the earlier days. I don’t know if you remember, but the first Other Voices, Glen was the host and put on a BLISTERING Hendrix-style set which Phillip only used Star Star for the broadcast. This reminds me of that and I hope there’s a whole show (audio, too) to come from this. Also, if you could pry that old tape from Phillip that would be stupendous. Glen loved it, too.

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