The Music Makers is a music and film performance piece celebrating the creativity and skill involved in traditional music-making, from the actual making of musical instruments to the performance of traditional music on those very instruments. In the show, which takes place at the Linenhall Arts Centre Castlebar on November 10 at 8pm, live music is interwoven with film footage of the craft workers as they fashion the instruments being played.

The Music Makers features footage from award-winning film-maker Myles O’Reilly taken in the workshops of four County Mayo instrument makers: violin maker Graham Wright; bow maker Gary Leahy; mandolin and guitar maker Brian Lofthouse; and uilleann pipes maker John Butler. Performing live in the show are four outstanding traditional musicians; Julie Langan (fiddle), Finbarr Naughton (fiddle, mandolin), Brian Lofthouse (guitar, mandolin) and John Butler (uilleann pipes).