Alternative Rock/Pop Folk/Songwriter Live Acoustic Performance

Lisa Hannigan :: Oh Undone (Official HD Video)

This is the Cottage in Baltimore where this recording was made and where Lisa and the band spent a week of pre-production recording for Passenger.

Lisa Hannigan performs ‘Oh Undone’, live from a cottage in Baltimore as part of a pre-production rehearsal during the making of Passenger for the song Oh Undone which did not make the album. This is the last and final take from a total of 12 where the band were introduced to the song only a few hours beforehand. I was there cross-legged on the floor in the middle of everyone, trying not to be seen. The camera movements were very slight, I only had room to twist my torso and extend my arms but the use of the 50mm f1.4 lens meant that it looked more like I was flying around the room on the back of a bumble bee. I was using a very old Nikon lens by holding it up to the housing of the Canon so my hands were kept very busy. I later discovered that it’s easy to find Nikon to Canon converter rings online, so I’ve been using Nikon Nikkor lenses ever since, especially when I need that enormous depth of field. Have a look at the Lisa Hannigan Recording Diaries to see more footage from this night and the following days.

2 comments on “Lisa Hannigan :: Oh Undone (Official HD Video)

  1. thanks for creating such a beautiful way for this song to be shared with the world despite it not being on the record… love it!

  2. she is brilliant, isn’t she? she sings on the moajrity of damien rice’s first album “o.” she has a different groove on her own, but beautiful either way. thanks for your kind comments. i really appreciate them!

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