Documentary Short Film Folk/Songwriter Live Acoustic Performance

Rhob Cunningham Verses The Swiss Alps

In September of 2018 Rhob Cunningham visited René Reusser of Reusser Guitars in Switzerland to play two live concerts. One in Reusser’s own music venue and guitar workshop in the small village of Brienz, and the other in a small cabin beside the large Hangend glacier 2,205 meters above sea level, by the name of Gaulihütte.

The cabin can only be accessed via a small path leading up a vast alpine valley. It takes several hours to negotiate. There is no road. There is no phone reception. Should any climber suffer an injury along the way, it would be impossible to make it down the valley before nightfall. The only way to return is rescue by helicopter. After 10 minutes Rhob received two very painful blisters on his feet, yet he decided to continue bare foot, despite the dangers. To let down an audience of 50 who were also making their way up to Gaulihütte to see him play, was not an option.

Thankfully this is not a story about a tragedy. There was no drama and everything went just fine. It’s really just a short film about how lovely it was to play two gigs in the Swiss alps, hosted by Switzerland’s most renown folk music enthusiasts René Reusser and his parter Mirjam Huber. Hope you enjoy this film as much as I did making it. – Myles

5 comments on “Rhob Cunningham Verses The Swiss Alps

  1. Ryan Beirne

    Loved this. The serenity of that area just makes me want to go there. I wonder what one of those guitars go for. I’m too embarrassed to ask them 🙂

  2. Eszter

    Brilliant as always Myles!

  3. niall mcinerney

    that was splendid. thank you. was that dermot kennedy in the photo at 19:24?

  4. Beautiful video Myles and you captured that oh so special place and humans

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