The tent was huge. It could fit hundreds of people. Some in the village didn’t want it there. Objections were raised. After all, in the most remote and westerly part of Ireland, local people lived a quiet life. Who were this circus crowd, bringing with them dozens of musicians, poets and actors? Why did they want to pitch their tent in Ballinabuck, population 105? Who’s idea was that? This is the story of when Footsbarn Theatre Company came to the Dingle Peninsula, eventually finding a field to pitch their tent and stage several nights of shows with some of Ireland’s most well known musicians and performers. Featuring live music from Ye Vagabonds, Lisa O’Neill, Cormac Begley, Glen Hansard, Liam Ó Maonlai, Swell Season, Mongoose, Interference, Bitch Falcon, Stephen James Smith and many more.

4 comments on “Come On Up To The House

  1. That was the most incredible 75 minutes of pure joy. thanks you so much Myles for capturing it and framing it so beautifully.

  2. Scott Thompson/Judy Fritz

    We were there for all the performances, it was magical. Judy and I will be back end September. Do you think there is any chance of an encore performance this year? If not any chance of seeing you Myles., around Dingle?

  3. Michael Collier

    Great video. Maith sibh. At the end the girl friend and I just had to get up and do a barn dance. We were surprised that no one in the tent was doing a barn dance. So maith sibh go Se/amus and Breanda/n whose playing we have danced to before. May we see and hear you again, in Miltown or Ventry or Boston. O/ Michael and Nyssa in Boston.

  4. I love this Film. The great characters. Their tellings. Their musings. The way they are. Soul everywhere. The musicians. The poet. The theatre-makers. The joy. The absolute joy of it all. From beginning to end. Thankyou for filming the joy that life can be. And the art within it. And sharing it with us so generously.

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