At the end of the summer, we travelled around Ireland with our friends from Footsbarn TravellingTheatre. We took their beautiful circus tent and pitched it in four remote spots. We used the space for music, theatre, poetry and there was even room made for fun, joy and laughter…
It was truly a life affirming crazy thing to have undertaken – but it worked – well, we think so….we’d even consider doing it again down the line…

We asked our friend and film maker, Myles O’Reilly Arbutus Yarns Presents, to document the madness… He did so admirably and he’s just finished putting together what we’re calling ‘Come On Up To The House – The Movie’! As we have so, so much footage, I think we might be seeing more in the future as Myles just couldn’t fit everything into a filmish length…but, this is a bloody good start in anyone’s book…

We are going to put this film up for streaming on Vimeo for the next 2 weeks over the holidays only (until Jan 7th).

Go here to watch, available at Vimeo only:

If you want to watch the film, we are asking people if they would donate to a charity that we are supporting this year, Inner City Helping Homeless. A suggested minimum donation of a fiver – If you can donate more, then great and if you can’t afford a fiver, then whatever you can afford will be welcome, but its basically the price of a coffee or a pint..

I’m asking you to go direct to their site too, so that none of the funds is subject to a % to vimeo or a tax man come knocketh if it goes through our accounts or whatever….straight to them as a registered volunteer based charity, and they’ll get 100% of your donation. I hope that makes sense and you don’t mind having to do that as it’s only an extra click or two… Go here to donate:

We hope you enjoy the film as much as we all enjoyed the journey it took in getting the shows to happen…well – mostly enjoyed it – there were some hairy times 🙂

Have a wonderful holiday and Happy Christmas.
claire x

2 comments on “Come On Up To The House

  1. Michael Collier

    Great video. Maith sibh. At the end the girl friend and I just had to get up and do a barn dance. We were surprised that no one in the tent was doing a barn dance. So maith sibh go Se/amus and Breanda/n whose playing we have danced to before. May we see and hear you again, in Miltown or Ventry or Boston. O/ Michael and Nyssa in Boston.

  2. I love this Film. The great characters. Their tellings. Their musings. The way they are. Soul everywhere. The musicians. The poet. The theatre-makers. The joy. The absolute joy of it all. From beginning to end. Thankyou for filming the joy that life can be. And the art within it. And sharing it with us so generously.

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