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Sive :: Quietly

Sive returns with Quietly her first new music since her critically acclaimed debut album ‘The Roaring Girl’ was released in 2017.

Quietly sees the softly spoken bard, real name Sadhbh O’Sullivan, pondering the pros and cons of the modern 24 hour society and asking have we forgot how to listen to ourselves?

Sive explains, “It was inspired by feeling like the world (both the real and online) is constantly shouting in your face, so it’s really about the value of finding a space among all of that to be quiet. It reflects what it’s like to just stop and listen to what’s going on inside yourself – a combination of calming and terrifying!”

The video for Quietly was directed by Myles O’Reilly of This Ain’t No Disco fame and sees him deliver one of his signature visuals pieces full of dancing shadows and silhouettes

“Working with Myles O’Reilly on this video was like stepping into an alternate reality. The song is about what it’s like to be quiet and take a look at what’s going on inside yourself, and we played with the idea of representing that through projected images that I made. Those abstract images are then thrown on top of other images – the idea being that you create this mad and complex reality in your own head and then project it out onto the world around you.”

Quietly is out now on Veta Records.

2 comments on “Sive :: Quietly

  1. Such a lovely song.

  2. Great creative piece of work , well done Sive and Myles .

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