Folk/Songwriter Official Music Video

Glen Hansard :: One Of Us Must Lose

One of those once in a life-time things. I got to join a tour and experience life as part of a successful touring band. Many times it crossed my mind that I might never have this opportunity again. Admittedly it’s all so surreal. A snapshot of a dream shared by so many musicians, most of whom never achieve a similar level of touring. It made perfect sense to put myself in the dreamers shoes and document Glen and his troop with a Super 8 film treatment. It has the ultimate dream-like quality. Is this real or is this a dream? Did this happen to me or to you? Or did this happen at all?

I couldn’t shake the dream state in person, in the present, as we were moving from venue to venue, city to beautiful city, transient, always a dinner ready and a bed made. As a musician in the band you can appreciate that everything is geared towards you being looked after, so all you have to think about playing. As an observing passenger, documenting on behalf of all the people who will watch this and wonder what it’s like to be on such a tour, blurry old film is just how it felt for me being there. It never quite reaches reality, the dream, being lived. Not when your only in it for a few weeks. That feeling, just for one fleeting moment of my life was awesome, magnificent, and powerfully romantic. It’s a beautiful thing to catch in a jar. Hope you enjoy x

3 comments on “Glen Hansard :: One Of Us Must Lose

  1. Two words…”simply brilliant “

  2. Chris Wolf

    Taken out of this world for 3 minutes and 36 seconds. A video from another time but yet from the present. Thank you for this gem!

  3. I love. The film. The song. The river flowing along. A Glen Hansard in calm. A treasure. Thankyou.

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