Documentary Short Film

This Little Light Of Mine

In early 2017, the Women’s Traveller Group from Labre Park, Ballyfermot, participated in workshops aiming to express their culture in song and poetry with Stephen James Smith and other artists. ‘This Little Light of Mine’ by Myles O’Reilly’s Arbutus Yarns, tells this story, tracking their workshops, which culminated in a performance by the women and their children in the National Concert Hall, Dublin, Ireland.This project participated coincided with the closing months of the long-running national campaign for the recognition of Traveller Ethnicity.

‘This Little Light of Mine’ was commissioned by Dublin’s Culture Connects as part of The National Neighbourhood. Dublin’s Culture Connects embeds culture in everyday life because culture is central to human development and Dublin’s quality of life

1 comment on “This Little Light Of Mine

  1. So many Little Lights and Big Lights. They brought tears of joy to my eyes. The spontaneity of the children. The tenacity of the women. The collective joyfulness of loving who they all are. And sharing it. And Arbutus Yarns bringing it to us. Thankyou to AllofYou for a lovely beginning to 2018. I can’t wait for the Second Chapter to “This Little Light Of Mine”. I feel such a glow within after watching this film. Wondrous. Thankyou.

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