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Conor O’Brien and Nico Muhly :: Fortunate Child

Conor O’Brien (villagers) and Nico Muhly’s composition Fortunate Child, written and recorded for This Ain’t No Disco, the online Irish music showcase directed by Myles O’Reilly hosted by DJ and visual artist Donal Dineen.

With the distant soundscapes, far-reaching textures and up-close soft-spoken vocals that shape ‘Fortunate Child’, the collaboration of Villagers and Nico Muhly is a deeply effecting one.

Moving into more experimental indie-folk-esque territory the track moves from gentle, to hazy, and then to noise-ridden all in the space of approximately 6 minutes. Making for an engrossing listen that never settles fully on any given sound.

Speaking about working with Muhly, O’Brien says “Creating ‘Fortunate Child’ with Nico was a very intuitive process. The chord structure and frequencies of Nico’s initial soundscape really spoke to me and allowed me to go with the first draft of those string-of-consciousness lyrics. It’s gradually unpacking itself and I hope you enjoy.”

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