Folk/Songwriter Official Music Video

Ye Vagabonds :: A Song Long Forgot

The debut video release for Ye Vagabonds debut self titled album Ye Vagbonds due for general release this 15th of October.

So so privileged to be working out of a building filled to the rafters with artists at The Back Loft creative hub. A bunch of us teamed up to make this video for Ye Vagabonds with the genius of Conchobhar MacCathmhaoil at the helm. A really beautiful example of cross pollinating ideas and firing each other’s imaginations


3 comments on “Ye Vagabonds :: A Song Long Forgot

  1. Patricia

    Wow!!!! Great video. And what an amazing discovery. I just fell in love with their music.

  2. The Beauty of it. The sheer Beauty of it. All. Thankyou.

  3. Great stuff!

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