As part of a new Irish music program This Aint No Disco directed by Myles O’Reilly and presented by Donal Dineen, Irish folk trio Rue perform ‘Katie Cruel’. All visuals created by Donal Dineen and Myles O’Reilly, with Aideen Macken modeling. Filmed and edited by Donal Dineen and Myles O’Reilly.

Rue are Brian Flanagan with Cormac Mac Diarmada and Radie Peat who both play with Dublin folk miscreants Lynched. They present a truly eclectic mix of traditional songs and tunes from both sides of the Atlantic played with immutable conviction on fiddle, five-string banjo, harmonium and concertina. Expect whaling songs and murder ballads underpinned by a wash of harmonic swells and drones and a barn-dance or two thrown in for good measure.

Rue Radie Pete

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