Alternative Rock/Pop Folk/Songwriter Official Music Video

I Have A Tribe :: Battle Hardened Passivist

Debut album release, Beneath A Yellow Moon: 27th May

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06.04. Le Marathon Des Mots, Toulouse, FR
15.04. Minimum Maximum Festival, Dublin, IRE
29.04. Connolly’s of Leap, Cork, IRE
26.05. Immergut Opening Event, Grosses Haus, Neustrelitz, DE
02.06. Roisin, Dubh, Galway, IRE
12.06. Rössli Bar, Bern, Switzerland
15.06. Auster Bar, Berlin, DE
16.06. Prinzenbar, Hamburg, DE
18.06. Traumzeit Festival, Duisburg, DE
20.06. Milla, Munich, DE
02.07. Castlepalooza Festival, IRE
29.07. Sacred Ground Festival, (near Berlin), DE
13.08. La Druite Magique, Ardennes, BE
16.09. Pop-Up Event, Rotterdam, NL
18.09. 7Layers Festival, Amsterdam, NL
27.09. Les Bains Douches, Montbeliard, FR

director: Myles O’Reilly
music & lyrics: Patrick O’Laoghaire

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