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Glen Hansard :: Her Mercy (The Loft Chicago)

A video for Glen Hansard’s Her Mercy from the album Didn’t He Ramble, edited with behind the scenes footage from a recording visit to Wilco’s The Loft studio, Chicago in 2013. Filmed by Myles O’Reilly. More footage behind the scenes of the Glen Hansard band in The Loft can be seen as part of the 25 minute documentary by Myles O’Reilly Didn’t He Ramble In The Making

Following Article Taken From Redeye Chicago

Though Glen Hansard hails from Dublin, Ireland, Chicago always has seemed like a second or third home for the 45-year-old singer-songwriter and “Once” star. After all, Rob Bochnik, the guitarist for Hansard’s band The Frames, lives in the city; the Frames recorded a chunk of its 2001 album “For The Birds” at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio; and his most recent solo offering “Didn’t He Ramble,” out today via Anti Records, was partly fleshed out in town at Wilco’s loft.

Because of this, whenever Hansard visits, his concerts always are filled with this special energy, as his local fans seem especially zealous. His latest video for “Her Mercy,” a recent single, reaffirms his love for Chicago. Directed by Irish filmmaker Myles O’Reilly, the clip follows Hansard around recording his new album, interspersed with shots from around the city. True to Hansard’s attitude and music, it’s a pretty life-affirming visual. Watch it below.

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