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The Hedge Schools :: Sleeping Song

Myles O’Reilly reworks old footage featuring legendary silhouette animator Lotte Reiniger at home working, and a selection of her most famous animations, set to The Hedge Schools musical composition ‘Sleeping Song’ from the sophomore album ‘At The End Of The Winding Day’.

Album : At The End OF The Winding Day
Album : At The End OF A Winding Day

In early 2008 The Hedge Schools became the musical vehicle for the songs of former Ten Speed Racer bass player Patrick M Barrett. The debut record, NEVER LEAVE ANYWHERE was recorded and produced by his former Bandmate Joe Chester. At The End Of A Winding Day is the follow to the 2008 debut and is due for release 23rd of January 2015. Comprising 9 songs, it was recorded and produced again by Joe Chester, in instalments, in his Blessington Street Studios. It features contributions on trumpet from Donagh Molloy from Lisa Hannigan’s band and the cello work of Kevin Murphy from Seti the First and Adrian Crowley’s band.

Joe Chester and Patrick M Barret
Joe Chester and Patrick M Barret

3 comments on “The Hedge Schools :: Sleeping Song

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  2. Megan Lewis

    Google’s following your lead with their doodle today (at least in the US) I knew who she was because of this film

  3. John Ryan

    Another piece of brilliant Art. Keep them coming , Myles. Fans from Denver, Sydney, Brisbane, Kansas City, Houston and Vegas.

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