Folk/Songwriter Live Acoustic Performance

Ye Vagabonds :: Willie O Winsbury

    Buoyed by the success of their debut EP Rose & Briar in 2015, and continuing support from respected musicians like Lisa Hannigan, Roy Harper and Glen Hansard; brothers Brían and Diarmuid Mac Gloinn, who form Ye Vagabonds, have released their highly anticipated debut album, on their own label: Inglenook Records.

    Expect harmony rich folk music, influenced by Irish traditional music, Appalachian singing, and the 1960’s folk revival. Ye Vagabonds’ album is comprised of ten mellow tracks weaved with thoughtful lyrics, thickly layered with strings and droning harmonium.

    The album was recorded by Nick Rayner between The Meadow recording studios in Wicklow, and Rayner’s studio in West Cork.

10 comments on “Ye Vagabonds :: Willie O Winsbury

  1. Brilliant and Beautiful ! I love this film. Thankyou !

  2. Love the song and always have since recorded by Sweeney’s Men way back when! Its been a party piece of my own for a long time, but I love this version as well.

  3. Fabulous talent all round,brings back Stonybatter memories too!

  4. So I’ve actually watched your video like ten times. You’ve really captured the relationship between the two brothers. They both have such rich voices full of passion. I love the footage of the music shop, it displayed a warm, friendly and community feel of Dublin. I loved your filming style that I then when to YouTube to watch so more of your stuff. Talented are ye.

  5. Hey Myles, are these the two boys that’s rocked your stage at body and soul late sat night ? Congrats btw…..

  6. Great song, sung really well by two fine singers that are new to me. Family voices are often the best and the filming complements the song.

    • Thanks Frank. I agree, for me there is nothing as pure and concentrated as the sound of family singing together. It’s like the tone of two instruments made by the same hand.

  7. Absolutely beautiful. You have found two gems in the two brothers. Voices for the ages. Beautifully filmed as always.

  8. That was lovely. This website is like a little oasis. The dark haired singer with the plait reminds me of a young Graham Nash.

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