Documentary Short Film Folk/Songwriter Live Acoustic Performance

The Greatest Smallest Record Shop In Ireland

A quick story about Mazz O’Flaherty and The Dingle Record Shop filmed during the Dingle arts festival Féile Na Bealtaine in 2013 with music from Lumiere with Donogh Hennessy, Walking On Cars, Avril Bowler, Laurence Courtney, John O’Brien, Mazz & Íde (Keogh) O’Flaherty

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15 comments on “The Greatest Smallest Record Shop In Ireland

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  2. Tomás Ó Dálaigh

    This like every video you’ve created is quite simply amazing. I often wonder how much hours of video you have before cutting it all down too 16:57 of pure brilliance 🙂

  3. Michelle Thomasson

    Just so lovely!

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  5. Thanks so much and I’ll see if the Angels will work their magic for me. It’s amazing to me that amount of people have viewed it.. Love and blessings to you and Aideen xxx

  6. Myles, Mazz here, getting great reactions to your documentary on sessions. Is it possible for you transfer the Likes/Tweets of the documentary to my Facebook page as I would like people who visit my page to see the good reviews of your documentary. Been a brilliant journey so far and there is a real good buzz around Dingle about it. Smiles of love to Myles and a million thanks xxx our new Angel xxx

    • Myles O'Reilly

      You can’t transfer the ‘likes’ but you should promote the link(video) from you’re own page too. 811 followers on there would love to see it I’m very sure! (unfortunately for the post to reach all of them u must spend a few bob, like 20euro minimum) Do you have someone to do this for you? I will include your website and the Facebook page in the credits above for people to click and follow! X

  7. Beautiful documentary Myles. Love Dingle and it’s people like Mazz that make it such a special place.

  8. Serge - chum's

    proud to be there …and we’re a hury to come !!!

  9. When the world is made of wonderful people. Thankyou 🙂

  10. i just loved that video soooooh much. it is a beautiful work of art. i want to get in my car right now, and drive to dingle to meet this amazing lady, and a few amazing locals and musos. i want to LIVE there with her,lol

  11. What a gem nice one Mazz:)

  12. Joan Sharkey

    Mazz is such a hoot! Love her! See you in April Mazz!

  13. Dick Stewart

    Proud to say I purchased three CD’s there on my visit Sept. 2012. I also saw Lumiere in Ballyferriter. Love Ireland in general and Dingle in particular!

  14. Thoroughly enjoyed that.

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