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Reijseger Fraanje Sylla :: Amerigo

Ernst Reijseger – Cello
Harmen Fraanje – Piano
Mola Sylla – Vocals, M’bira, Xalam, Kongoma

This trio creates personal music, evoking strong reactions of audiences. Like spirituals maybe, played by an atheist, a vegetarian and a mussel man.The musicians all contribute with original compositions. Their different backgrounds and individual vocabulary connect miraculously natural.Reijseger, Fraanje and Sylla got to know each other well over the past years and shared many adventures, both as a performing trio as in other projects, such as film scores for Werner Herzog’s ‘My Son My Son What Have Ye Done’ and ‘Cave of Forgotten Dreams’. Playing together became addictive.

When producer Stefan Winter asked Reijseger what project he wanted to record next, Reijseger said: “This trio is it, because I have found, completely by coincidence, this great pianist and this angel of a singer, that make me play differently and vice versa times three. It is a living organism, this trio. Not a concept. In fact its concepts change all the time. New approaches occur and are recognized by its members. No democracy, but sensitive cooperation.”

The concerts and soon to be released live-to-two-track recording reflect this approach. The trio plays ‘readings’ of their material. This means that the form occurs while performing. No structure is set beforehand. The trio rehearses just options and practices in communicating musically. This clears the way for surprising music with heartfelt expression.

A brief history

Mola Sylla (Senegal) met Ernst Reijseger (Netherlands) just after he played his first concerts in Amsterdam with his group Senemali in the late 80’s. Since then Amsterdam has been Sylla’s home base.
Ten years after this first meeting Sylla asked Reijseger to play a duo concert together. They kept playing together and were also part of several larger projects (f.i. with trombone player Ray Anderson, guitarist Franky Douglas and djembé master Adama Dramé).
In 2007 Harmen Fraanje (Netherlands) asked both Ernst Reijseger and Mola Sylla to join in a trio concert. It was clear to all three that they wished to continue playing together.

Previous releases with Reijseger, Fraanje and Sylla in different combinations

A three day project with Ray Anderson – trombone, Michel Godard – tuba and serpent, Lesley Joseph – bass, Eddie Veldman – drums and DJ Kikke / Ruben van Roon – beats, samples and percussion. Televised and recorded as ‘Moondive 3’ in 1998 by VPRO television.

Reijseger, Sylla and percussionist Serigne Gueye, leading to several tours through Europe and South America after the release of the cd “Janna” by the label (2003, Winter & Winter)

Eric Vloeimans – trumpet, Anton Goudsmit – guitar, Harmen Fraanje – piano, Ernst Reijseger – cello
(2004, Challenge Records)

‘Requiem for a Dying Planet’
Film scores for Werner Herzog’s films ‘The White Diamond’ and ‘The Wild Blue Yonder’. Played by the Sardenian Choir ‘Tenore e Cuncordu de Orosei’, Ernst Reijseger – cello and Mola Sylla – voice.
(2004 Winter & Winter)

‘My Son My Son What Have Ye Done’
Reijseger’s score for Werner Herzog’s film, played by Harmen Fraanje – piano, Mola Sylla – voice, Luciano Biondini – accordion, Alan Purves – percussion, Sandip Bhattacharya – tabla and voice, Ernst Reijseger – cello, cello quartet.
(2009, Winter & Winter)

‘Cave of Forgotten Dreams’
Reijseger’s score for Werner Herzog’s film, played by Harmen Fraanje – piano, organ and Wurlizer piano, Dutch Chamber Choir, Ernst Reijseger – five string cello
(2011, Winter & Winter)

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  2. Rex Westen

    Truly wonderful – thank you.

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