Live Acoustic Performance Official Music Video

Lisa Hannigan :: O Sleep :: The Fumbally Café

Lisa Hannigan performs O sleep from her sophomore album Passenger live at The Fumbally Café in Dublin as part of the event, The End Is Nigh, on December 21st 2012.

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6 comments on “Lisa Hannigan :: O Sleep :: The Fumbally Café

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  3. C’est si beau, Thank You ! ❤

  4. Hypnotic…as always

  5. Mathias Henne

    I was at the concert in Ludwigshafen,Germany(17.01.2013) I think that was the end of the long tour and that was so wonderful!
    All the best for Lisa and her great band!

  6. Richard Semelka

    My android phone won’t play the video. I’ll need to come back when I’m home on my computer.

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