Folk/Songwriter Live Acoustic Performance

Rufus Coates and The Blackened Trees :: Crossover

Rufus Coates and the Blackened Trees are an original folk/blues band from Co Meath. Formed at the end of 2011

The band is set to release debut EP “The Crossover” in March 2013
Their sound has been described as rootsy, dark and authentic and with the ability to bring the listener on a journey by creating atmosphere and imagery

Filmed at Roundwood House in Co.Laois

6 comments on “Rufus Coates and The Blackened Trees :: Crossover

  1. David Breen

    Great tune!

  2. Bryan Buckley

    Great track lads and lady, can wait to hear the rest of the tracks.

  3. Really like this one. The music is lovely and he’s got some great voice on him alright.

  4. AH ya’s are wee legends thanks a million Simon & Myles it is an honor to be amongst all the brilliant work you’ve done keep it up lads:) Matty

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