There was magic in the air at Park Lodge Hotel in Spiddal on September 2012 as the town welcomed back the legendary Waterboys for two special reunion gigs, which were attended by fans from all over the world.

Mike Scott and The Waterboys spent six months in Spiddal in 1988 when they recorded their iconic Fisherman’s Blues album. In his recent memoir, Adventures of a Waterboy, Mike Scott referred to the impact the village had on his life and music.

However, their first ever formal concerts in Spiddal were in September 2012, when Mike Scott, Steve Wickham and Anto Thistlethwaite reunited for a memorable day and night.

These concerts were organized by the Spiddal based Strange Boat Donor Foundation to raise funds for the National Commemorative Garden in memory of organ donors. This is being planned for Salthill.

Hundreds of visitors from Ireland, Europe, the US, and from as far away as Australia and South Africa attended the concerts — in fact some fans attended both the first one at 4pm and the second at 8pm. Erwin Rademaker, who traveled from Holland, has attended Waterboys concerts since l985 and described the Spiddal gig as “the best”.

Other musicians also performed, including the well-known composer Charlie Lennon who played on Fisherman’s Blues,and singer Eleanor Shanley, who released the Waterboys’ song Strange Boat in 2008 to raise awareness of organ donation.

The event came to a rousing and emotional finale when the musicians came together for the song, Saints and Angels in memory of local man Éamonn Goggin, whose organs were donated following his death six years ago.

35 comments on “The Waterboys :: Spiddal Reunion

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  2. Kevan Manwaring

    A great portrait of a special reunion – stylishly done. It really captures the atmosphere. You can almost taste the Guinness and brine. Come away o human child…!

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  4. Stupendousredman

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    This is The Waterboys!


  6. Beautiful film. Luvved the old man singing at 11:00

  7. Paul Christiansen

    Lovely stuff. Is it possible to buy a DVD of the complete concert (either or both nights)?

  8. Eduardo Ribeiro

    thanks Anto, Mick and Steve for this. I hope you can get back to playing together again and do a european tour. Greetings from Portugal

  9. Thank you for sharing…..
    Sending loads of warm sunshine from South Africa

  10. Mary Naughton

    Lovely vid Fabulous concert,delighted to say I was there But most congrats due to you for getting Tomas Mac Eoin to sing at the end A Connemara Legend 🙂

  11. Andy Burgess

    Great memories of a great night. Just hope there is more film in the can !

  12. wow thanks for mentioning me Myles! Kind regards from Holland. Erwin

  13. Thank you, it was lovely to see this fabulous film and I can see how special the atmosphere must have been. Mike and Steve were awesome last Sunday when they played a short acoustic set in Stroud, after Mike read from ‘Adventures of a Waterboy’ also played a superb set at the Forum in Bath earlier in the year. Fantastic musicians and my favourite band by a long way.

  14. Ken Binley

    Top piece of work Miles!

  15. hi thanks for this delightful film seize the day.

  16. it was the best gig i was ever at.the waterboys are the best band in the world,im friends with mike scott,steve wickham mike is my champion ive known him for years i allways keep in contact with him

    • i like the clip bit when it said on spring comes to spiddal the lights are on standuns thats my cousin,s shop,ive all the waterboys cds,i enjoyed that video it was done very good,fair play to you.from niall conlon in spiddal

  17. Ashley Price-Sabate

    Bows and gratitude for this beautiful piece of magic! There is a warm glow of smiles and joy in our home from having just watched it. My son, Ciaran, and I just saw Mike and Steve at the Sage in Gateshead/Newcastle last week and have been high ever since …. and now this unexpected gift comes to keep us floating. What a joy this music is …. and what an artist Myles is to capture it/them so intimately.

  18. Beautiful! Thanks for this video. Spring came to Spiddal that day! I am Spanish and could’t be there…but I saw them twice this year in Spain. Thanks!

  19. quel pied ces waterboys…belle cause en plus

  20. noel sheehan


  21. David Hepburn

    Great to see. Even with the lump inmy throat. Can’t wait for November 18th to get here and see Mike and Steve in Boston. 20th time in 26 years.


    I attended this gig and it was unreal,extremely well organised,fantastic acoustics and brilliant atmosphere!

    • Thomas Rooney

      Also I had to watch it 3-4 times that’s my wife standing in the doorway I’m glad you didn’t edit her comment as its hilarious to listen to,brilliant work

  23. Anything the WATERBOYS do is always fantastic. True musicians at their finest. These people who attended this concert were treated to such a personal highlight. I’m a bit jealous. Can’t wait for the whole concert to be released. Thanks to whoever is responsible for the posting of the video.

  24. Class as always, Myles, well done.

  25. Loved it, what a shame I wasen’t there!!

  26. Matt Freeman

    Was lucky enough to attend both Spiddal gigs on 25th September. Thought I’d travelled along way (from Chester, UK) before I found out people had come from around the globe. Beautiful, intimate performance from that key trio of Waterboys; Mike, Anto and Steve. Highlight for me was When Ye Go Away with Anto’s slide mandolin and not Steve but the legendary Charlie Lennon on fiddle who was of course the man who put that wonderful reel into the song all those years ago.

    Must also say a special thanks to the kind blonde lady who helped me get checked in at the hotel when I arrived just before the afternoon performance. She went out of her way to assists me. You can imagine my surprise when I saw that same lady take to the stage 1/2 hour later.

    Yes, indeed I had been ably assisted by Irish singing legend Eleanor Shanley! Her kindness was matched by the warmth of the people of Connemara who left a lasting impression on this Englishman.

  27. Great looking little film, I wish I was there for the shows.
    Keep up the great work! Hmm after watching this , I can’t help but think I better get back to Eire

    • Exactly my thoughts. Intimate and vivid. Came here to enjoy my favorite band and found a smart filmmaker. Thanks for that.

  28. Paige O'Neill

    NOBODY and I mean N.O.B.O.D.Y makes a better music film- capturing the ethos of the performers he shoots than Myles O’Reilly! THRILLED that he made this one!

  29. thanks a lot, lovely little film.
    hopefully the whole concert will be up one day? – go on 🙂

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    Looking forward to watching this properly later – the classic Waterboys line up. Should be a treat!

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