Laura Sheeran http://www.laurasheeran.comperformed this piece during the Dublin Contemporary festival which took place in 2011. The projections in the room were an art installation to which Laura performed a response to a live audience on behalf of the curators of the exhibition. Laura Sheeran, 24, hails from Co. Galway but currently resides in Dublin where she has been writing, recording and gigging since 2007. Blending classical influences with heavy electronic production and filtering it all through a dark witching gauze Laura’s music is both melancholic, rich and powerful and has led her to be described as “an episode of Twin Peaks in female form”.

A ‘creative dynamo’, Laura has an extensive back catalogue of work to date including a number of soundtracks that she has done for various theater shows and short films, her solo (and collaborative) CD/Vinyl/digital releases, a series of videos she has filmed, edited and released in tandem with her music and a number of collaborative music projects including Nanu Nanu, Fovea Hex and RESOUND.

About the art installation in this video :: Cleary and Connolly

In the early 1990s, Cleary & Connolly developed a long-lasting interest in patterns of movement in the urban landscape, as prompted by their lengthy collaboration with the French urban theorist Bernard Huet. In time, the duo coined the phrase Observer-Participation to define their ongoing artistic strategy. Their work has been widely exhibited in, among other venues, the Barbican, London 2010, the Pompidou Centre, Paris 2008-2009, and the Yokohama Triennial 2005. They are the recipients of the 2009 AIB Prize for emerging Irish artists of exceptional talent.