Spirit of Folk is a two-day, family friendly festival running from 21-23 September in the stunning grounds of Dunderry Park, Co Meath. Over the weekend we’ll be rockin’ to some of the finest and freshest acts that folk music has to offer, but we won’t be stopping there – Spirit of Folk is a celebration of all things folk! We’re talking folk arts, folk crafts, folk games, folk spirituality, folk lore, folk philosophy…and that’s only what’s filed under F!

Spirit of Folk will showcase some of the highlights of the UK and Irish folk scene – see our music line-up for the latest listings. We’re going to offer you a whole range of sounds, from chilled out folk singer-songwriters, to upbeat, expansive folk-rock, to some traditional seisún tunes! We’ll also be bringing you a ‘Living History’ area where you can see ancient crafts and skills brought to life by our experimental archaeologists, and you’ll get the chance to witness some of our weaponsmith’s products in action (from a safe distance) at our battle re-enactments!

We’ll be bringing you a range of talks and workshops on spirituality in our specially constructed Shamanic dome, where you can experience Irish Shamanic and Druidic ceremonies in an intimate and immersive environment. We’ll also have a smorgabord of storytellers who will be spinning all manner of lively and legendary yarns in our Cairn! On top of all this we will have a games area, falconry displays, archery, and a whole host of market stalls! Spirit of Folk promises to be the most eye-catching, intimate, and bewitching festival of 2012!

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