Alternative Rock/Pop Live Acoustic Performance Official Music Video

Lisa Hannigan :: Knots (Official Video)

Click here to purchase ‘Passenger’ – . Video for Lisa Hannigan’s Knots – taken from forthcoming album ‘Passenger’. ‘Passenger’ is now available from iTunes for $7.99

The white dress used in Knots.

I was travelling in South East Asia when Lisa e-mailed me asking did I have any ideas for a video, for any song. Thankfully I had a lot of quality imagination-time to think of something, so after a week I got back to her with the idea to do something fun and simple like a food fight. Another Irish artist had food pelted at them for a video but it wasnt long before Lisa had the idea to swap food for paint. By the time I returned home it was decided the first single was going to be Knots. Initially we had a few meetings at Arbutus Place to discuss the order in which the paint would get chucked. Lisa very much wanted the colors to be shared out amongst the band members who would throw the paint at her in time to the instruments they played on the track. There was a lot of planning that went in to the choreography. We had a huge water gun for Shaine and his Bass color purple, another big gun for Donagh and his horn color orange, Gav’s piano blue and a silver spray can for the shakers etc.. In the end after the take was done, and there was only one chance, it looked more like a primary school substitute teachers lynchian nightmare than a beautiful color kaleidoscope but the many laughs from everyone when playing back the rushes re-assured us it was a success.

2 comments on “Lisa Hannigan :: Knots (Official Video)

  1. Don’t know why this song isn’t on the first 2 records. I really like it, and also Pirate Disco. Just sayin’

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