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Katie Kim :: Fresh Air Tour

Katie Kim

All Super 8 and visuals by Donal Dineen. Filmed and Edited by Myles O’Reilly. Katie Kim performs ‘Jennifer’ live at the ‘Daghdha Space’ theatre in Limerick as part of the Donal Dineen Fresh Air Tour 2009.Katie Kim Katie Kim is the pseudonym of Katie Sullivan when she performs and records her Slowcore, ethereal, ambient folk/pop. Paired with vocals that have been compared to Zola Jesus, Coco Rosie, Cat Power and Joanna Newsom, the music revolves and swims around layers of fuzzy drips and murky clouds but always seems to come to an elegant conclusion.

1 comment on “Katie Kim :: Fresh Air Tour

  1. An outrageous talent, something mystical and magic brews deep inside Miss Kim. Each and every time I listen to her I am left spellbound. From Cover and Flood to Salt, she constantly raises the ‘goosebumps’ factor. Found her by way of Donal’s session on the Blue Of The Night and haven’t’ been able to stay clear of her since – nor will I. Glorious.

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