I Have A Tribe :: Battle Hardened Passivist

Debut album release, Beneath A Yellow Moon: 27th May

Pre-Order CD: http://buff.ly/27SbKr6
Pre-Order LP: http://buff.ly/1Tzc2tu
iTunes: http://buff.ly/1T40vBd

06.04. Le Marathon Des Mots, Toulouse, FR
15.04. Minimum Maximum Festival, Dublin, IRE
29.04. Connolly’s of Leap, Cork, IRE
26.05. Immergut Opening Event, Grosses Haus, Neustrelitz, DE
02.06. Roisin, Dubh, Galway, IRE
12.06. Rössli Bar, Bern, Switzerland
15.06. Auster Bar, Berlin, DE
16.06. Prinzenbar, Hamburg, DE
18.06. Traumzeit Festival, Duisburg, DE
20.06. Milla, Munich, DE
02.07. Castlepalooza Festival, IRE
29.07. Sacred Ground Festival, (near Berlin), DE
13.08. La Druite Magique, Ardennes, BE
16.09. Pop-Up Event, Rotterdam, NL
18.09. 7Layers Festival, Amsterdam, NL
27.09. Les Bains Douches, Montbeliard, FR

director: Myles O’Reilly
music & lyrics: Patrick O’Laoghaire

Rachel Sermanni :: Freebird Records


I Have A Tribe :: Buddy Holly


Attracting early praise for his sparse, beautifully understated music, Patrick O’Laoghaire, aka I Have A Tribe’s debut album Beneath A Yellow Moon was produced by Paul Savage [Mogwai, Twilight Sad] and is due out 27 May.

O’Laoghaire says of the song: “I think I wrote most of it in spring in 2008, and finished it then in 2015. I have this notion that sometimes, because humans have been writing songs and melodies for so many hundreds and thousands of years; when a song presents itself to you as an idea to write down – maybe you’re just making your own version of something that was already kind of done.

“And I don’t see it as a bad thing – more-so I take from this that the same sentiments and emotions have moved humans in the same manner always, and the attempt to write comes from the same source. With songs, then, maybe some musical templates become timeless, because a certain structure of chords or a certain movement of a melody will reveal itself again and again.

“When I played this song for a piano teacher of mine 7 or 8 years ago, I remember she started to sing Buddy Holly, It’s Raining In My Heart. So I went and I listened to that song, and it was a nice comfort to hear the same pattern at the start. So that’s where the name comes from. I left it alone for a few years then. and dug it back out when I thought I had something more to add to it. Lastly I brought it to my friend Paul, and he added a drumbeat to it that gave the song a sense of humour, and then it was done.

“For the video, I wrote to Myles O’Reilly. We had some tea in his kitchen one afternoon and I played him the song, and he marched around his kitchen shouting ideas at the walls. A few weeks later he brought us to a yoga studio and projected old footage of Dublin on the walls, and dreamed up a wooden box car for me to sit in. It was a joy to work with him, and Donal, Mick, and Steve”.

A New Ireland Rising

Filmed mostly on a sunset evening at the south wall pier in Dublin, A New Ireland Rising is a powerful reflection on Ireland 1916-2016 and a call to action. Written and spoken by Ruairí McKiernan, filmed and edited by Myles O’Reilly, music by Colm Mac Con Iomaire.


Booka Brass Band On A Street

The Booka Brass Band perform their song Chilled Milk live on Grafton Street in Dublin, Ireland. Filmed and edited by Myles O’Reilly. Find out more about Booka Brass Band on their website http://bookabrass.com/

Per Tenebras :: Never Raise Your Eyes

The debut single and video from new Irish artist Per Tenebras.


Article about Ter Tenebras in Goldenplec.com https://www.goldenplec.com/featured/per-tenebras-never-raise-your-eyes-video-premiere/

Barrytown Meets Musictown

This very special and unprecedented concert marks the occasion by gathering singers and performers from the acting and musical worlds.

Many of the participants have a direct connection to Roddy Doyle, such as the Oscar winning songwriter Glen Hansard, who played Outspan in The Commitments.

But as Colm Meaney mischievously notes, “Sure wasn’t everyone in The Commitments? About as many Dubliners claim to have been in The Commitments as the GPO in 1916.”

Sheffield’s Richard Hawley reveals he hasn’t played a live show in over two years, but has made an exception to be here to honour the writer.

Imelda May, Damien Dempsey and Glen Hansard thrill a full house with a rousing rendition of ‘The ‘Auld Triangle’, while actors Peter Coonan, Tina Kellegher and Neilí Conroy bring Doyle’s words to life.

Aidan Gillen steals the spoken word show with a hilarious reading of an extract from The Van. Gillen also reveals one of his first paid gigs as an actor was to record the audio book of Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha.

Richard Hawley opens his set with a great response to a heckle. An audience members tells the suited and booted singer he is gorgeous. “I see Mensa are having their Christmas party early this year,” Hawley dead-pans.

‘Tonight the Streets Are Ours’ is dedicated to Hawley’s late friend Tony Fenton.

Meanwhile, Glen Hansard premiers a new song for his late father Jimmy entitled ‘Didn’t He Ramble’.

An all-star rendition of ‘Young Hearts Run Free’ concludes a highly entertaining and extremely electric evening.

“Young Hearts, f*** off, but in a nice way,” a delighted Doyle quips, as the curtain closes on a wonderfully weird evening.

Anna Mieke Bishop On A Rooftop

Anna Mieke Bishop performs with her band from a rooftop.


Marc O’Reilly :: Live In Coughlans

Marc O’Reilly performs ‘The Scottish Widow’ with his band live in Coughlans music venue in Cork city 2015.


Glen Hansard :: Wedding Ring

Glen says to me, “I was thinking of a story for a video. I won’t go in to it but a girl is in her bedroom, she’s looking at herself in a mirror. There’s a packed suitcase beside her. We can see that she’s put on a face of make up, it’s early in the day. She knows she’s leaving home for good. In her expression she’s sure of her decision. She leans over to a poster on the wall of David Bowie, her only poster, and then gently whispers something to him. She’s whispering in to his ear. She takes the poster off the wall, rolls it up, picks up her bag. As she’s seen to walk out of her family home for the last time, she hands her little sister the Bowie poster, and leaves. There IS no pause to give a hug, or any kind of a sentimental exchange, it’s just about the Bowie poster, yunno? There’s more too it but I like that, don’t you?”, “Abso(fu**ing)lutely Glen, it’s a beautiful message”, “Deadly so, I’ll tell you about the rest some other time”.

Me thinking, not only can he sing fine yarns but he sees yarns too. There’s me thinking, he must love Bowie deeply. Me desperately wanting to know what the protagonist whispers to her icon. Me reckoning that I should never ask. Bowie, the best kind of teacher. He was the one who cared to treat his audience as individuals. He never celebrated ego but insisted that we each find ours, and laugh at it. In many guises he gave us theatrical modern myths and warnings for an era of intense change and social challenges. He took the time to encourage us to all play to our unique strengths. That we all dress how we want. Dance on the street when we want. Dance like nobody is watching. I had other teachers growing up but it was obvious to me that Bowie was a hero, a hero to Glen and a hero to everyone because he so effortlessly reminded us all that we are NO different.

Eternity has already ended for you David. The universe has played out. All the suns, planets and galaxies have lived their course. There you are in death beyond the stars and beyond time. We will always keep you with us here, on our headphones and in our hearts but strangely everyone who lives and who will ever live, has also travelled to that place with you, the very instant you died.




All The Young Dudes :: Songs In Memory Of Tony Fenton

All The Young Dudes documents a night of live music at Vicar Street in memory of the late great Tony Fenton. Ham Sandwich, Aslan, Something Happens, The Stunning, Wallis Bird, Mick Flannery, Gavin Glass and Mario Rosenstock among others, take to the stage in Vicar Street while friends and colleagues of Tony broadcast their stories of ‘The Dude’ over the airwaves to the rest of Ireland.

Glen Hansard :: Her Mercy (Official)


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